The TCAEA is designed to help you promote continuing education among your workforce. You can sponsor an education fair with very little investment of time or money.  Your TCAEA contact will work with you to find out what you need, then work with other member schools to make all the arrangements for the event. All you have to do is provide the space and promote the event among your employees.
TCAEA member institutions offer a variety of programs, and a range of degrees from the associate to the doctoral level. This allows you to select the schools that best meet the academic needs and program requirements of your employees as you plan your successful and productive education fair.
To establish a TCAEA contact and explore the possibility of holding an education fair at your business, email us at tcaea4u@gmail.com.

"The TCAEA alliance member I worked with helped me with ideas for publicizing our education fair for employees and their families. They encouraged me to use e-mail and posters and talked about what was effective as far as timing. With the alliance's help, we saw a significant increase in interest and attendance at our fair this year compared to last year."
Irv Aslakson, Federal Aviation Administration